How Many Total Levels in Candy Crush (is there any end)?

How Many Total Levels in Candy Crush (is there any end)?

Candy crush is quite popular game these days and many people have these types of questions like How many total Levels are there in Candy Crush Saga, how you can complete all the levels, is there any end of the game?

If you also have these similar question then you’re in the right place and you will get an answer to all these questions and the answers are not one word this is why I’ll try my best to explain properly all of you question.

Candy Crush is being popular game since 2012 its launch and still many active users monthly play this game. Besides of game is played by many people still one few of them have complete all the levels. Candy Crush has literally many levels in it and but how many exactly, I will tell below.

How many total Levels are there in Candy Crush?

Since back in 2012 when Candy crush Launched, guess how many levels does it have then? On the first launch of the game, it has only 35 Levels and it took almost 2 weeks for players to complete only 35 levels, and then developers added some more levels to 65 levels in total.

Cool, and that also got completed in 1 week and then they introduce some more levels to around 100 levels in total. I hope you got your answer, its that Developers of Candy Crush Keeps on spending huge dollars to introduce new and interesting levels in the game.

Therefore there is no certain end of Candy Crush, Indeed, for now, Candy Crush has around 8000 Levels in total, and while the timing you’re reading this post, I am sure more levels has been introduced, this is why there is no end in how many levels are there in the game.

However, many people have ended the game but that simple reason they have ended the game for some time, not forever, In ever next update of Candy Crush developers has introduced many new levels and then they have to complete those levels too. Moving to our next question that how can some person like me could easily complete all these levels.

How to Complete All Levels in Candy Crush?

Many People do asks me whether is it really possible to complete all the levels in the game or not? Believe me its possible, Yes, you can complete all the levels in the game, its not as difficult as becoming a millionaire. There are many people who actually have completed all the levels in the game.

My friends personally have completed all the levels and waiting for next update and even he didn’t spend much time playing the game, whenever he gets free time like while in a public bus, or just waiting for someone on the coffee shop he opens his phone and start playing Candy Crush and this is only how he has complete almost all the levels in the game.

But there are some strategies you need to keep in mind while playing the game like saving your boosters as long as you can, and hey did you read my boosters tips post. I’ve told there how you can get many boosters for free. There are many hard levels in the game on which you need help if you find some level you can’t do here is site where you can find a solution to almost every level.

And you can even watch a solution from any youtube video, it’s all upon you.

Will Candy Crush Ever End building new levels?

boosters in candy crush

Honestly speaking, I don’t think that candy crush will ever stop building new levels, the main reason is that people don’t get bored with the game. Candy Crush is earning huge revenue retaining their users with their app, and this is why to keep this attachment they introduce new levels regularly.

But Problem comes for us who hardly able to complete even 10 levels in a week, I don’t play candy crush very much and I am at 1240 level right now, however, I am learning many new ways and things in the game to easily complete any particular level.

I will share that all with you once I get sure of my methods. However, practice plays important role here, more you do the practice more you can easily complete all the levels.

Is the number of levels the same for all the Candy Crush games?

No, Candy Crush saga has the most number of levels then of all the different games, but Candy Crush Soda has only around 5000 Levels, I know this amount is also huge but less than Saga. Here is the difference between Candy Crush Saga and Soda if you want to have look in that also you can check out here.

And Candy Crush Jelly has least of all, and there are many other games from King only but I don’t suggest you play those games if you’re playing Candy Crush only, like farm heroes saga and more. As playing all these games one at the same time could get you to confuse and you can’t even able to play one game at a single time.

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