How to Spot Enemies in PUBG Mobile/PC & Survive till Last

How to Spot Enemies in PUBG Mobile/PC & Survive till Last

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG, no matter it is on Mobile or on PC, Players are difficult to kill. But it becomes easy to kill all the players when you able to spot them and then killing becomes easy. But sporting is another difficult thing.

Don’t worry today, I am here to give you some best tips by which you can easily spot where your enemies is and how you can kill them. We often face many problems like footsteps confusion, players’ position, rotation, and another. but after you read all these steps you will able to get everything easily.

How to Spot Enemies in PUBG Mobile easily?

Use Earphones on PUBG Mobile and Stereo on PC

If you’re playing PUBG Mobile then the best thing you could do to understand the footsteps and location, fire, and clear sound of everything by using earphones or headphones if you have.

But if you using PUBG PC then connect your speakers and enable the stereo option to get to know about sound clearly. Another thing comes here is how could easily understand the sound of everything.

Well, if your enemies is inside the house then you should listen up to him from outside of house as it becomes easy to listen up sound from the outside the house and also have look on the map as you will get footsteps on the map on PUBG Mobile.

And also the sound of footsteps changes when the enemy is climbing stairs or jumping from the house or anything. even hard surface and on rough surface sound does change there also.

Don’t stay at one location for long

What many people do is that they stay at one location for half of their match, just looting there, if you want to spot enemies then you need to keep on moving but where this is what I am going to talk below. I would suggest looting everything you could loot in first 3 minutes of the game.

Go only where you can find players

This could be a little trickier for you as you might think that if we would know where the enemies are we will go only there but actually you do know. Yes, all you need is to use your mind a bit, Check these three things and you could easily get to know the location of the enemies:

  • Play Path and what are some locations where enemies could jump(It will be popular nearby plan path)
  • Where the zone after the first 3 minutes of the match
  • what is the location inside the safe zone which is popular and nearby the plan path locations.

I know you didn’t get this, but what you exactly need to do is loot, for 3 minutes then go open map and find the location inside the zone and that location should be near to that location where plan path was near as many players would be there and moving to a nearby location only.

Drop bait for spot

Supply Drop is probably the best way to spot any enemy you want, if supply drop is near to popular location or in the small zone or you have good weapons already then you don’t have to loot that drop. You just have to wait for the people to come and make sure you placed your squad in C shape and snipers pointing to the Supply Drop.

This is how you will be able to cover whole supply drop covers and kill all the squad easily. This is my personal favorite method with my squad.

Don’t get spotted

While it’s not only you need to spot players but you also have to take care of yourself also so that you couldn’t get, for this, there are certain things you need to follow: If you want to know about Guns and their combinations then here is the best article for you.

  • Use Muzzle that is Flash Hider for AR and shotguns
  • If you’re in small zone play with crouch
  • Keeps on moving if you’re in open
  • And Never Loot Drop too late

Map is Gift use it efficiently

Map and Sound are gift from PUBG if you are able to use them perfectly, in the map you get to see footsteps, fire locations, fire types, and also you can analyze how far the enemy is. You should look at fire rate and type in the map, if RED is large then it means is close, if multiple red curves that mean enemy uses compressor but he is close and direction should be little sideways.

Even footsteps are clear but I don’t suggest you use footsteps print on the map, for footstep you should trust the sound of it only, not on the map.

Change little settings

Change you graphics style to Colorful or classic and disable anti-aliasing. There is nothing much to do in terms of Settings to change in the game, no need to increase resolution, no need to change colors of scope or anything if there are set on default. All you need to do is practice and practice nothing else.

Use Red Dot but for Some AR Guns

This is another different aspect that could help you spot enemies in the game. Why you need to choose Red Dot you can find it here. You must read this complete article as You don’t have to use Red Dot for all Guns if you do that could go against you.

So, this was everything that I know about how you can Spot Enemy in Game if you have any other method then comment below and let me know I will add up that in the post only. Do share this post with your friends to let them know about this article by sharing with them.

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