How to Send or Request UC to Friend in PUBG Mobile

How to Send or Request UC to Friend in PUBG Mobile

UC is a kind of most essential thing in the PUBG Mobile and the good part is that Game allows you to send UC to your friends easily or you can even request UC from your friend and he will give you easily. This is what we gonna discuss today.

When is comes to Battle Royal Games then PUBG mobile has changed the Mobile Battle Royal Gaming industry. There are many different battle Royal Games available for Mobile like Garena Free Fire, Rules of Survival, and many more. But no game has this kind of impact to users as PUBG Mobile has.

We all know that Earning UC is kind of impossible and publishers also need to earn from this game this is why PUBG Mobile earning source is UC and need to buy it. There are many other earning sources of the game you can read that also how PUBG mobile become a billion-dollar company.

But today, we gonna look at some methods by which you can send UC to any person no matter he is your friend or not and request for UC from your friends.

How to Request UC from Friends in PUBG Mobile?

request UC PUBG Mobile

let’s start with how you can request UC from your friend first, request UC is only applicable to friend only you can’t request anyone random in the game.

And you need to befriend him for more than 48 hours and at least you have played one match with each other than only you can request UC from a friend.

  1. First, Open the PUBG Mobile Game Main Menu
  2. On Top Right Corner you will able to see Royal Pass Option
  3. Then you will able to see Request Royal or Elite Pass
  4. Click on request, add a message if you have and send your best friend
  5. If he reads and wants to send you UC he will and you will able to see on gift section

But hey, don’t think that your friend has many UC with him and now he can give you some of it to you, no, your friends have to purchase request, then only he can Send. Your friend will first give the amount of money need you to buy Royal Pass then you will get UC.

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How to Send UC to anybody in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile elite pass request

I hope you get to know that how you can request UC to your friend but do you know that PUBG Mobile allows you to send UC to anybody without request or something. Yes, its true, for this you need to follow these simple steps.

  • First, you need to visit the Official site of PUBG Mobile UC send that is Midasbuy
  • Then you need Sign Up with Email and password
  • After sign up, do sign in and then click on “Purchase” Option
  • Enter the id of your friend, ask him a screenshot of id from the game if you don’t know
  • Then Enter the amount of UC and select payment method
  • After the payment is done, you will able to see the order number and your friend will able to see UC in his Account.

But here again, you need to pay money, it doesn’t work like you have so much of UC and you just send some of yours.

Final Words

I’ve seen many people claiming that they have way to send UC without payment but one thing I got to know from them is they all are fraud there is no way like that.

However, there are some methods by which you can get UC for cheap Rate but not way send UC for free. PUBG Mobile has been spending huge amount on these types of people so, even if you able to do that you will get ban after some time.

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