How to Send Coins to Friends on both Ludo King & Ludo Star 2

How to Send Coins to Friends on both Ludo King & Ludo Star 2

If you’ve played ludo game like Ludo King or Ludo Star then you might already know about the importance of Coins the game, and you probably want to share these coins with friends too, if yes, then you’re in the right place to know that.

Ludo was a traditional game of India, people from all around India are looking for ludo games, and what they ended up with 2 most popular Ludo King Games in the industry. One is a great online multiplayer and sound that is Ludo King and another is full of different features and graphics Ludo Star 2, these two games are the most popular games in India.

If you’re the one who likes to enjoy playing Ludo King or Ludo Star 2 in short ludo game and ever wanted to share Coins with them then I am here with you to tell you how you can share coins with them or if you can’t? Just keep on reading the post:

How to Send Coins to Friends on Ludo King

If you play Ludo King Game on your Mobile Device and want to share Coins to your friends or girlfriends or family members then there is sad news for you. You can share them coins, yes, it’s true for now, Ludo King has not supported this feature of Share Coins with friends all you can do is buy them coins.

I know Coins are something which is really very important in-game Item of the game, you do chat with it, you can send gifts with this you can unlock new boards and do many other wonderful things. The best thing which you can do with coins is you can play Online matches with bigger bets and get more coins in return for rewards.

How can you give your friends more Coins

get more coins

Well, If I am here with you then I am probably gonna give you anyway by which you can kind of send coins to your friends, but it couldn’t be a direct way.

First, the thing which you can tell them is to download the already modded version of the game which will already have many thousands of coins with them. But the disadvantage to this would be your id could get a ban, so, you should always be using the Guest id for this.

Secondly, you can refer this article where I told you how you can earn coins in the game, It’s not really as difficult to earn coins in the game, all you need is just some strategies and focus, ludo king game is not about luck its mixes of both strategy and luck. So, earning more coins isn’t that difficult just it will take some time.

So, this is about Ludo King but don’t worry if you’re playing Ludo Stars 2 then you can easily share coins with your friends, how that I will tell you don’t worry.

How to send Coins to Friends on Ludo Star 2

high bet high coins

Well, to be honest, both games do not allow to share coins but Ludo Star 2 with this completely different strategy players can send Coins with their friends.

  1. First, Update the game if you haven’t to share coins you should have the latest version
  2. Then open up the game and connect your Ludo Star 2 game with any id, google play or Facebook
  3. Once, you login then ask your friend to invite you or you can find them with facebook only if connected
  4. Now, join in Friends Lobby, and make the match.
  5. Do match of about many coins that you want to send.
  6. After the match is done, just leave the lobby and your coins will get transferred to your friend.

Now, you might tell me that this isn’t the right way to send or receive coins in the game but before you ask that question, just read last part of the article:

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Why don’t these games allow us to share Coins Directly?

Okay, you want to get coins or want to share coins to your friend, when you initially played the game, how many coins did you have. I am sure might have about 250 coins but after playing for some weeks how many do you have. I am sure it might be lakhs, now imagine if your friend just started you can easily send 10,000 coins to him.

And that amount would be really big for him to spend on, and for this, he will join more bet matches and get more strategic players. This is wy developers had made coins system to let you enjoy all the best parts of the game and you don’t get easily bored by this. So, there is no bad part that you can’t share coins directly, don’t get worried about this.

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