Does PUBG Mobile Work Well on iPhone 5,5s and 6,6s? How to Run?

Does PUBG Mobile Work Well on iPhone 5,5s and 6,6s? How to Run?

Do you have iPhone 5 or 6 with you and you want to play PUBG Mobile on it, don’t worry this is why I am here with you sharing some everything about iPhone 5 and 5s and 6 and 6s and gonna give you whether is it possible to run PUBG mobile on these phones if no, then how you can play on these phones.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most playing and probably the best Online Battle Royal Games available for Android. And now, everyone has the game on their Android device or even iOS device. The best part is that game is available on almost all the new upcoming android devices and also iOS but what about previous ones.

PUBG Mobile official minimum requirement is 2Gb Ram and 2GB of phone storage. But as we all know that iOS doesn’t use that much of RAM to run their OS and even bigger games can run very easily without any lag or something.

But enough of iPhone and about PUBG, we are here to talk about whether the game is able to run on iPhone 5s, 5 or 6 or 6s or not.

Does PUBG Mobile Work on iPhone 5 or 5s?

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Compatibility in iPhone 5

Talking about iPhone 5, I am really disappointed to tell you that iPhone 5 is not compatible to play PUBG Mobile. As the game minimum requirement is 2 Gb or Ram but iPhone 5 has only 1 Gb or RAM, this becomes very difficult to play the game.

Now you might ask that iOS run consumes less RAM so, can I play the game with 1 GB RAM, no, not in case of the iPhone 5, you can’t run the game on it, however, you get storage of 32 Gb but you can’t play PUBG Mobile. And if you’re looking for any way to play then also there is no way or trick, no hack or something. So, don’t even try to find any kind of solution to this, you won’t get any.

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Compatibility in iPhone 5s

Yes, iPhone 5s has compatibility to Play PUBG Mobile, it has 2Gb RAM that is minimum to play the game. But here are somethings which you need to take care, first, you need iOS 9.0 and latest version of PUBG Mobile. You also need to make sure you follow these things:

  • Clean up the RAM, before you play PUBG Mobile game, kill all the process and background apps
  • Use any kind of boosters which help to clean up memory, like smart cleaner
  • Clean Storage and update your device.

Before you play the game on iPhone 5s, you should know that, playing PUBG Mobile on 5s can negatively affect your device, it could heat up your device, it will give you less FPS, the game can lag too much but this won’t happen if you play for shorter period.

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Does PUBG Mobile Work on iPhone 6 and 6s?

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Compatibility in iPhone 6

There is Good news for you, After iPhone 5s every iOS device Support PUBG Mobile, both iPhone 6 and also 6s but you need to follow certain things before you play the game.

If you want to play the game on iPhone 6 you can but I won’t recommend it as iPhone six heat up more quickly than 5s and it lags more than 5s. Yes, iPhone 5s is better than iPhone 6 but overall I would say yes, you can play game supported on 6 also.

You should follow the same steps as on iPhone 5s like boost your RAM, kill all the background processes, and charge your device full before you play the game in it.

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Cobapitbility in iPhone 6s

This is another device where you can run PUBG Mobile, but you won’t get that enough FPS and game could lag very much. If you already have iPhone 6s and you want to play the game on it then you can play but if you have any other option then I don’t recommend you play this game on 6s too.

The only reason is that these devices are too old and PUBG keeps on updating with new things and PUBG itself is a new modern game that these old devices are not capable of handling. Therefore it could harm these devices if you play for long but it supports and you can play without any problem.

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