is Ludo king Dice Random? Ludo King facts & myths you need to know

is Ludo king Dice Random? Ludo King facts & myths you need to know

One of the most playing games these days is Ludo king, there are hundreds of different players all over the world especially in Asian countries playing this game daily. Myself is also a great fan of this game and I personally play the game daily on my Android phone.

People always keep on discussing and asking questions like whether Ludo King Dice is Random, do the color matter for winning and ludo king is all about luck. So, to clear up these doubts, I am here with you going to give you some facts and clear myths about this game.

But before I clear these myths and tell you facts, I will let you know how did I know about this. well, I am an active user of ludo king forums and experienced player of ludo king since 11 months of regular playing. And also I keep on asking questions with ludo king developers either from their e-mail or play store reviews.

Ludo King Facts and Myths that you should Know

Is Ludo King Dice Really Random?

Well, the simple answer to this question would be yes, Ludo King Dice is really a Randomly generated and there is algorithm about this but the thing is that every move that is important is randomly generated, so, don’t worry about it.

You might be wondering that how am I so sure about this, so, I asked this question to developers so this was their Answer in the image below.

In short, they just want to say that yes, Ludo King Dice is really Random and there is not particular algo that assures winning of you or your opponent.

Do you need Strategy or Luck to Win the Match?

I am sure you too have this question whether you need Luck or Strategy in this game. So, the thing is you need a strategy with Luck, both together can make you win the match. I could say the game is about 66% depends upon luck and 34% depends upon Strategy this is why you need mix of both.

Don’t worry if the is more about luck but the thing is luck is something you can have if you play 4vs4 then you will have 25% chances of good luck and if you play 2vs2 then you will have 50% chances of good luck. So, ultimately strategy comes here which matters a lot.

Does Color Matters in the winning?

I don’t think so you should be asking this question, if you do think so, then just answer me this simple question. What color do you think is for winning matters, did you just say red, blue or green, no matter what your answer is game don’t know blue, red or green.

It has the only pictures, and some variables in it, nothing else, they didn’t use color in their algo even if they use they have used codes of color, not exact colors. So, Don’t ever think that color is something that could let you win the game, however, if you feel more confident in blue then you can opt blue that’s upon you.

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Can I Earn Money from Ludo King?

I don’t know why people think that they can earn from Ludo King. No, you can’t earn a single penny from Ludo King, the virtual currency remains in the virtual world, you can’t get money by playing Ludo King.

There are many videos and articles over the Internet that keeps on telling that you can earn money by playing this game the answer is simply no, you can’t earn a single penny from Ludo King Game all of them are fraud or they want to get referral links for them. There is no direct way to earn, not even with MPL or dream11.

Game Level increases Luck

No, your game level doesn’t decide how many numbers you’re gonna get in your next turn. So, don’t think that if someone has high game level then he/she is gonna get more numbers.

Wait and Turn will get you more Number

Another misconception that everybody has that does waiting a little longer could give you high numbers. I don’t have accurate answers for this as sometimes when I wait longer and do my turn I get six but if they are saying that they have random numbers then I think it’s just a myth. There is no significant proof of this, if this has happened to you then comment below so, we all could know about this.

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Bot Always Wins or most of the times

computer win in ludo king

No, it’s not true, the bot has algorithm but they do also have Random Numbers almost 50% of the time. and this percentage decreased by an increase in the level of difficulty. They have the highest strategy that one could have and that too increases with an increase in difficulty.

Indian Players win everytime

No, this is again not true, I think it should be like that but it’s not. Developers know about their International audience and they think all of them as their equal users, so, they are not partial on winning of Indian players, so whichever country you choose, you might win or not, depends.

And what if you are in the match where 4 of you are Indian, will you all get the win, no, that can’t happen. This is another myth about the game that you should worry about.

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