How Much Data Does Fortnite Use in an Hour on PC,PS4,Xbox?

How Much Data Does Fortnite Use in an Hour on PC,PS4,Xbox?

We all know that Online battle Royal games are in increasing trend these days, the gaming market is full of different online games, these games include PUBG PC, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and more. But the most popular and best among all is Fortnite, and a common question that people ask is how much data does fortnite use per match or in an hour?

There are many people who plays this game all day, even I am one of them. Some days back I was out of town and therefore I used My Mobile data to play Fortnite on my PC and then I thought of knowing how much data does it actually consumes.

This is why I researched almost all the forums and sites, videos to know the actual results. And you do you know what I got? nothing but forced me to do personally experiment. This is why I played a game with my Mobile Data on all device PC, PS4, and Xbox. And results I am gonna share with you.

How much Data Does Online Games Use per Hour?

GTA 5 data consumption

Any typical Online Game for PC uses an average of 100 Mb per Hour. No matter how much data is of any game, it will not use more than 200 or 300 Mb per hour. Even the most popular games like GTA 5 uses 80 Mb per hour, Most playing PUBG Pc uses 60 Mb per hour, My favorite Dota 2 use around 130 MB per hour, and battlefield 5 uses around 200 Mb only per hour.

This is why you shouldn’t worry about how much data you gonna lose while playing Online Games, as these game doesn’t use that much data.

Is it the same for PC, PS4, and Xbox?

You might also wonder whether does Online game Internet consumption is the same for PC and PS 4 and Xbox. After my personal experience, I found if everything in the background remains the same then PC consumes little more data rather than PS 4 and Xbox.

Even Xbox and PS 4 consume almost the same amount of data but PC consumes a little bit more than PS or Xbox. I don’t know the reason for this but it consumes about 20 to 30% more Data of PS or Xbox.

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How Much Data does Fortnite use in an hour on PC, PS 4, Xbox?

90 MB per Hour or 15 Mb per Match

Well, these are some exact figures which I noticed after 6 different matches and the average was 15 only. This was the PC result, for PS 4 and Xbox result could be less but it may be different.

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How does this vary?

PS 4 and Xbox

Your result will depend upon how is your setting in the game, how many players left in the game, how is your gameplay. These are are some factors that will directly affect Data Consumption in the game.

If you play the game on Epic games then data will be consumed very less and if you’re playing on high graphics data then also it may consume less data.

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Settings play an important role and also how you play the game. If you lay a combat style game then it could consume a high amount of Data. Even modes in also another factor of data consumption in the game. But don’t worry regular update patches, modes, and other things are far greater than data consumption of daily playing.

Use Network Monitor

Hey, if you’re worried about whether you are using enough data or not then you can download Network Tracker Software which will calculate Bandwidth usage of your game. You can even set Bandwidth usage and also do many other customizations.

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