Ultimate Guide of Candy Crush Saga Boosters, how to get them

Ultimate Guide of Candy Crush Saga Boosters, how to get them

If you’re a regular player of Candy Crush Saga then you probably already know about the boosters in the game and how they help you in some last moves and make you win the match.

Since the launch of Candy Crush Saga, it has gained huge popularity among gaming fans from all over the world. There are many fans out there who play this game daily on their iOS or Android devices. My friends play this game daily and he has reached till level 2933 right now, and I am sure you gonna complete all the levels soon.

What he told me to win the ever match, he said boosters play an important role, you just need to know the exact time to use them how to use them. Today, I am gonna give you everything bout boosters, that you should be aware of while playing the game and that could really help you in winning every match you play.

All Candy Crush Boosters and How to Get them

Lollipop Hammer

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The lollipop hammer is the oldest boosters of all, you might already know about this that you can crush anything with this booster. No matter it is Candy, Meringues, or anything you will get this booster for free when you start the game.

Just like any other booster you don’t need to use it as long as you really need to use it. My friend suggested to me that there is not use of Lollipop until level 77 after that only you may need to use it. How you can get a lollipop hammer booster by spinning the free daily booster wheel for free.

Party Popper Booster

After you complete the 30 levels in the Candy Crush Saga then you gonna get Party Popper booster. In this booster you will get two party poppers which will be appearing on the boar. And if you use it you will remove or replace all the candies or obstacles with booster while you will explode on the board.

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Stripped and Wrapped Booster

I have used the booster many times, its really helpful booster. When you start the level with this booster you will get stripped and wrapped candy on the board. The simple way to get this booster is just carry on playing the game, complete more levels and get more booster like this.

Coconut Wheel

candy crush saga how to get boosters

Coconut wheel is my personal favorite booster, comes with a pink circle and center as black. If need striped candies in any level or you get stuck in some level then you can use this booster as this will create 3 striped candies and crush them all. When you reach level 15 hen you can unlock this coconut wheel. What I suggest you is to don’t use this booster and save it as I personally find many levels after 200 when you need this booster.

Extra Moves

Extra Moves is probably the best Booster if you get stuck in some level and you know that with some more moves you can win the match. Here comes +5 Extra Moves Booster which will give you 5 extra moves in the match. Even if you’re on level 1000 or on level 100 you may get to use this booster and can make you win the game really easily.

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Jellyfish Booster

The jellyfish booster will ad jellyfish on the board, and when you use the jellyfish booster you will get 3 jellyfishes who will eat random jelly candies. It is a very awesome booster that can completely change the match if you use it. If you ever get into the situation when you think that now, winning is kind of impossible then you can use this booster to completely change the situation.

Color Bomb

This is the booster that you will start your level out with Color Bomb which is already on the playing board, and you can explode that bomb whenever you need it. I don’t think this booster is of any good use, I haven’t used it much. But yes, when you will play levels above 100 then you gonna need to this booster.

Daily Boosters Wheel

boosters wheel

Now, you might be wondering that you’re just explaining to me about boosters but not how you can get them. Well, to be honest, Candy crush Saga is multiple million-dollar companies and they have invested a lot in the anti-cheat and kind of hack in the game.

There is the only way to you can get boosters in the game is that more you play and complete the levels then more you can get boosters in the game. But besides this, you can also get boosters with the Daily Boosters Wheel in the game. You can use Daily Boosters wheel daily and if you get jackpot then you can get 3 Lollipop Hammers Boosters, 3 lucky candies or 3 color bombs or many other candies but in a combo of 3 only.

Sweet Teeth

Sweet Teeth is another wonderful booster. When you will complete more levels then you may find many candies locked and you can crush that locked candies, licorice swirls, marmalade, or any with Sweet Teeth. You just need to select the booster with blockers and it will chomp through the mouth.

Extra Time Booster

As the name suggesting that extra time booster will give you some boost time. I really never needed to use this booster but when you will reach higher levels then you probably gonna need this, and even if you’re doing time level then also this would be life savior for you. Extra time is really helpful in time levels, however, extra time varies from level to level but its good to have this booster.

Lucky Candy

Lucky candies are one of the other boosters that will help you in many ways. It will look like a bowling ball looking thing where one mark is on the ball. Using this crush candies will give you one lucky candy these include could be wrapped candy or striped candy or sometimes cookies or many more. But it will not get unlocked easily, you need to reach higher levels for this.

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