Get PUBG Mobile Royal Pass & UC for Free or Cheap Rate?

Get PUBG Mobile Royal Pass & UC for Free or Cheap Rate?

If you’re a fan of Action and Battle Royale games then You might already know about PUBG Mobile, since its launch 2017 onwards the game has created a monopoly in the Android gaming industry. I hope you may also be playing PUBG Mobile in your Android device, if yes, then you may also know about Royal Pass of PUBG Mobile.

Royal Pass is something which probably the most essential in-game item of the game if you want to get all the benefits of the game like skins, and other things then you should definitely buy Royal Pass or get it free. Yes, the easiest way to get Royal Pass just goes to UC buy around 600 UC which cost you around Rs 800 and purchase Royal Pass.

But I am sure you’re here not to buy Royal Pass with this method. You’re here to know, how you can get PUBG Mobile Royal Pass for free or very cheap Rate. Yes, it’s very difficult to get Royal Pass for Free but its not impossible, but it will take some time as an investment. So, if you have around 1 and half month with daily one hour than Royal Pass if of yours.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Royal Pass for Free

Flipkart Super Coins

After researching many different ways, I could say that best and easiest way to get Royale Pass is by Flipkart’s Super Coins. Flipkart gives you offer to buy Royale Pass with their Super Coins but it will cost you around 650 Super Coins to get 600 UC which is used to buy PUBG Mobile Royale Pass for Free.

How to Earn super coins?

Now you might have a question that how you can earn these super coins. Well, You don’t have to really buy or earn these super coins, you just need to do your daily tasks but on Flipkart and you’ll get Super Coins automatically. These are some ways to get Super Coins in Flipkart:

  • Buy Products from Flipkart if possible, and In return, you’ll get some Super Coins
  • Buy Flipkart Plus to get 2X super Coins Rewards
  • Always  Recharge or pay the bill from Flipkart, you’ll get an offer as Super Coins
  • Play Games Daily to Earn Diamonds, and 10,000 Diamonds will give you direct 50 Super Coins
  • Its not difficult to get 10,000 diamonds, just win every match

Get 180 UC as Free From Play Store

Google Play Store Game Credit

Have you ever purchased anything from Google Play Store, I mean have you ever purchased any in-game item from Google Play Store. If not then great that means you have the option to get an offer from Google Play Store.

There are many people who get an offer of around Rs 200 of free credit in Google Play Store, Check if you have or not. If you have then you can purchase around 180 UC of 240 and you just need to pay 250 after that.

Play Tournaments and Join Youtube Giveaways

If you’re Kind of Pro Player of PUBG Mobile and believe in your talent then you can play PUBG Tournaments, Crew matches which give you UC for winning, and even PUBGM Paid Room matches where you need to give some money like Rs 10 to participate and if you win you’ll get Rs 100.

But I suggest you use this method only if you believe that you have strong PUBG Mobile skills.

If you don’t think that you have good skill then there is another way to get Royal Pass is by joining many PUBG Mobile Youtube Channels which have less subscribers so that your chance of getting Reward will be big.

I’ve tried this method, and you won’t believe I got Season 4 Royale Pass with this method only, join some less subscribed Channels and follow them daily so that you could get their Giveaways Updates.

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Buy From PayTM

Helo Earn Paytm Cash

There are many different Apps and Websites which allows you to earn coins in it. And later these coins can be converted into Paytm Cash. The only con with this method is that it takes time, You need to complete their offers daily, however it will take around 30 mins but you won’t get to use for long time.

Getting Free PUBG Mobile Royal Pass from Helo

One of the most popular ways to get Royal Pass from this method is by collecting coins from Helo App. This app gives you a huge amount from Invite and share options. Here is how you can get Paytm Cash with Helo:

  1. First, Download the Helo App from here
  2. Go to Invite and share option
  3. Copy your refer link and share among friends
  4. After your friend sign up and use the app for some days
  5. You will get some coins and covert them in Paytm Cash Later

This Paytm Cash can be used to buy PUBG Mobile Free Royal Pass. I found this way very awesome and easy but it will take you hard work.

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