How to get Coins in Ludo King | Can I get Unlimited Coins?

How to get Coins in Ludo King | Can I get Unlimited Coins?

Ludo King is quite a popular game these days, People from all over the world, especially from India are playing this game. And believe me, this game is best to get off your boredom and enjoy your free time with a wonderful game.

But if you’re like me who play this game daily then you may already know about the importance of Coins in the game. Coins are some essential in-game items in the game and without it, you’re kind of nothing in the game.

Coins are the most important item in the game so, coins help us to get different pieces, different boards, play high-class matches, and many more. You might also want to get these coins but it’s not easy to get these coins. You need to do certain tasks and I am gonna give you some best tips and tricks which will help you to get coins easily.

Many people were asking whether it is possible to get Unlimited Coins in the game or not, this is another thing which I will discuss today, in this article. So, just stick around with me and have some notes:

How to Get Coins in Ludo King For Free

Online Matches

online matches

Without any second doubt, I could say that Online matches are some of the most working and best way to get Coins. Now, you would say that its difficult to win online matches, so, the only thing which I want to tell you is that dice rolls random, so, why are you working.

I officially asked developers on Play store about dice rolls, and the answer was yes, Ludo Kind Dice rolls random, there are some algo in dice but it doesn’t matter as the dice always rolls random. So, everything that matters is your luck and how efficiently you move your turn.

When I am talking about Online matches actually I am talking about Online matches with random guys and that is of 2vs2 as in that case winning percentage increases, this is why you should also increase the bid. More you bid more coins you can win, or what you can do is play against your friends and get their coins.

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Complete Missions

Completing missions is totally risk-free way to get Coins, but you can’t get a huge pack of coins as this will give you limited coins. All you need to do is go to missions center where you can find different missions and from there you can check the requirements and complete the mission.

Not only you will get coins after completing missions but you can also get wonderful themes in-game buy completing several missions, this is why this is another good way to get coins. There are more than 7 different boards available to play you can unlock them only buy completing missions.

And it’s not like that missions are difficult, you will get all missions are very easy and simple whenever you play the game you could complete them easily.

7 up Down & Spin Wheel

There is a mini-game available for users so, that you can get some additional coins. The game called 7 up down and you need to roll the dice and you need to guess whether the total count on the dices would be 2 more than count, less than or equal to 7. If you are able to guess the correct then you will get double or triple the coins.

You can set the bet amount yourself but keep in mind that more you bet the more you gonna get. If you are able to guess accurately then you gonna get triple of your bet and if you bet 2 less or more than double but if you are not able to guess correctly then nothing. This is a kind of total luck situation, I rather suggest going with online matches.

Spin Wheel

There is lucky spin wheel which is another great feature of the game consist of coins in range 50 to 1000 and get free spin after every 4 hours. You can also unlock it buy watching ads. I think you should at least try whenever you open the game for once.

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Watch Ads and Install related Games & Daily Login

There are some additional offers in the game you can get like 5000 Coins per game if you install it. And the best part is just install it once and after that, you can easily uninstall it, you don’t need to keep it for number of days, and but your coins will stay with you forever.

You can also earn coins by watching ads, in your game menu you will able to see the option by which you can watch one ad and it will give you around 500 coins for one ad. And the another best way is to daily login to your game and get some free claim reward coins.

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is it possible to get Unlimited Coins?

This is the question asked by many people, is it really possible to get Unlimited Coins. So, to be honest, it’s not possible for the long run, but yes, it is possible that you can get Unlimited Coins with Lucky patcher. I’ve written a complete article here about getting unlimited coins with lucky patcher in ludo king but this will not last long for you. This is why I suggest you not use this kind of method as this will not go for a long run.

One day or another developers gonna ban your id and then you gonna feel sad.

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