Garena Free Fire vs Hopeless Land (Which is better for you)

Garena Free Fire vs Hopeless Land (Which is better for you)

Battle Royal Games has increased its trend, these days there is only one genre that is popular among different users from all over the world that is Battle Royal Games. If you’re one of them who loves to play battle Royal Games then you might already know about these two best games that is Garena Free Fire and another is Hopeless Land.

After PUBG Mobile these two games are quite popular among users of Battle Royale Games, and these two also have tough competition between them and many people asks me that which would be the best game for them, Garena Free Fire or Hopeless Land.

But there is never a clear answer to this, you need to choose best for you, this is why I wrote this article where there is a brief info about both games and their benefits and who should choose which game.

Garena Free Fire vs Hopeless Land

Garena Free Fire

First, let’s discuss some good features and benefits of Garena Free Fire, its another Battle Royal Game after PUBG. It has around 500 Million Downloads over Google Play Store and its #1 game in many countries.


  • But these are all about stats, the best part about the game is that you will get 49 other players in an island and every match is of 15 minutes maximum and there are many customizations and other features available in the game.
  • You can choose from different characters and every character will have different roles in the game like medic, ninja, and more. And there is a huge variety of different weapons in the game and most of them will give you modern weapons look.
  • Besides weapons you will get many other things in the game to enjoy like glue wall, hide, shoot, get invisible, laser, and many others.


  • The game is quite difficult to play, if you pro then there will be no need to worry about this. And if you’re looking for game with 100 or more players and little longer duration gameplay then also free fire will be a little disappoint you.
  • And talking about vehicles to move from one location to another then also Free Fire Lags behind as there is limited kinds of vehicles like cars and some other vehicles.
  • The game could lag on some devices which literally have less configuration but if you have Phone with more than 2 GB or RAM then you don’t need to worry about it.

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Hopeless Land

Hopeless land is another wonderful game with 50 Million Downloads and many people play this game daily. This game is quite popular in most of the Asian countries with wonderful AI battle Royal Mechanism.


  • You will get Battle Royal Match of 121 different players in the island and each math will be of little longer and the best part you won’t feel bored and the map is not quite big and players even are more. So, gameplay would-be attack.
  • Vehicle systems is probably the best between all battle royal games as you will get many different kinds of cars and also you will get a helicopter to move from one location to another.
  • Graphics are same as Free Fire but it doesn’t lag as much as free fire, even if you play in 2 GB or 1GB RAM Device you will get smooth gameplay.


  • The Game is full of hackers, I don’t know why but if you play 5 matches I can guarantee that in 2 out of 5 you will get hackers.
  • The user interface is another not good, you need to give some time to get to know about the UI of the game and also understand the controls.
  • Sometimes the game crashes and automatically stopped, I don’t think it will happen to you. But if you have a high-end device with a good configuration in it then I am sure you won’t face any such issue.

Which is best for you?

I have given you the pros and cons of both games and if you have chosen your game then great but if you haven’t then one thing which you should know is that you have to choose one game.

Many people think that they can play both games but this can’t happen as they both are battle royal games and when you play another game you will get confused with controls and you will get lost.

But Don’t worry I am here for you to tell you which one would be best for you.

If you’re looking for any simple game where you need to play with friends, explore new locations, enjoy but the gameplay doesn’t matter much for you then Hopeless Land would be the best choice for you. You could enjoy helicopter-style, you could get to know about a new types of graphics and players, even Communications support is really great of Hopeless Land, you will enjoy playing with friends and many other features.

But if you want any particular game where you need to play battle, Royal, as a professional style, and you don’t want any kind of hackers and other problems then Garena Free Fire would be the best choice for you. You can play with your friends with voice chat communication but every match is of 15 minutes, so, if you’re looking for any kind of quick-playing game then also Free Fire Would be a great choice for you.

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