This is the Main Reason why WCC 2 Lag or Hang on your Mobile?

This is the Main Reason why WCC 2 Lag or Hang on your Mobile?

I’ve been playing World Cricket Championship 2 Game for many months now, and believe me the game never lagged on my Android device. It’s not because I knew the solution or I fixed up, actually the game since the beginning didn’t lag on my Mobile device.  But I came to know about the Lag problem from many other people only.

There are many people asking on the Internet that my device has 4 GB RAM and its all-new up to date mobile device but still why does game Lags on my Android device? I’ve been reading these types of questions for very long but I really never thought of trying to find the answer as I never imagined that how could 4GB RAM device gives laggy experience in WCC2.

But when I suggested this game to friends of mine and he installed the game on his realme x2 with 4Gb of RAM and when he played the game on his device, I found that the game Lags on his device too. He was getting very low FPS and also game was laggy on his device then I thought of finding the solution.

Today, I came up with 8 ways by which you can fix the lag problem on your Android device and all of them are really simple and I am sure at least any single way could fix up your problem easily.

How to Fix Lag and Hang Problem on World Cricket Championship 2?

Make Sure your System Requirements

First of all you need to make sure that your hardware is capable of running this game or not, the system requirements for this game is:

  • RAM: 1 GB Minimum and 3 GB recommended
  • OS: Android 4.0 Minimum and above 8 Recommended
  • GPU: OpenGLES 2.0
  • Version: Latest Updated Version from Google Play Store

There are some basic things which you should have before you proceed with further solutions.

Enable 4x MSAA

First, thing you can do to fix lag in wcc2 is that you should enable Force 4x MSAA that will significantly boost the gaming performance of your Android Phone. This is the setting with GPU which boost the performance to perform heavy tasks like Gaming.

You can Enable this by going to Developer Option then can be done by going to Settings>About Phone>Build Number. Click on Build Number multiple times and then come back and you will find Developer Option is enabled where you can easily change the Settings to Force 4x MSAA.

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Change the Graphics Settings of your Game

Another way that could easily fix up this problem is by changing the Graphics settings of your game, this is very easy. You just need to change the Resolution to Low and other things to low. This will increase the FPS of your game and also decrease the Lags and Hangs in the Game.

Uninstall the Apps and Games that you don’t use

There are many unwanted apps and Games that not only use the storage of your device but also they keep on running in the background that consumes the RAM and gives you bad gaming experience. Some of the examples are Telegram, Online Games and many others.

You just find them and see whether you really need them or not if not, Uninstall them or what you can do is restrict the background usage of them. This can be done by Going to Settings>App Manager>App and then restrict the background usage.

Install the Game Booster

fix lag in wcc2 Game Booster

This is the most working method in the case of Wcc2, I really found this method good and working for almost anybody. There are many game boosters available in the Market you can install them and they will give you a significant difference in the gameplay.

My personal favorite Game Booster is this one where you could not only optimize Wcc2 but also many other Games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile.

Play game after Killing all process

You need to kill all the process before you play this game, I mean if you facing lag issue on Wcc2 then you should check background apps which are running and kill all the background games or apps which are running at the time.

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Clear Cache of the Game

One another reason for Lags and hang in the WCC2 could be that game is full of cache and that causes the lag in the game. If you want to fix up that then you need to clear the cache of your game.

This will not harm your data or progress in the game, it will only improve your game performance. Go to Settings>App Manager>WCC2>Clear its Cache.

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