How to fix PUBG Mobile Lite version Lag issue in 1GB/2GB RAM

How to fix PUBG Mobile Lite version Lag issue in 1GB/2GB RAM

If you have played PUBG Mobile Lite version on your Mobile and if you’re facing lagging issue in it then you’re in right place.

After the huge popularity of PUBG Mobile developers were facing many problems in PUBG Mobile like Lag, hackers, glitches and many more. This is why Developers has made Lite version of the game that is PUBG Mobile Lite which suitable for 1 GB and 2 GB Ram Devices.

And PUBG Mobile Lite also became really popular among all the different gamers from all around the world. But after some time PUBG Mobile Lite version also gets many problems and one of the most common problems is Lag Fix problem.

If you’re the one who is facing problems like Lagging or glitches in the PUBG Mobile Lite then today, I will give you some of the best ways and methods by which you run PUBG Mobile Lite with any lag or hang no matter if you have 1 GB or 2 GB RAM. You will be playing the game in HD Graphics.

How to Fix Lag Issue on PUBG Mobile Lite

Developers Option

It is the best method to improve the Gaming performance of your PUBG Mobile Lite Game, it will not only fix your lag problem but also give you better performance.

First, you need to enable developers option this can be done by going to settings and then about the phone and then click on Build Number multiple times

Then, go back and at last you will able to see Developer Option. Click on it and then find for  Force 4x MSSA  option and Enable it.

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Rocket Boost and Background

The most common reason why people face lag while playing the game is they have many apps that keep on running on the background. There are many light apps that are available to speed up your device they will kill the background running apps.

One of the most working and light apps is Rocket Boost which I personally use, either you can kill all the apps yourself or you can do is install one of these apps, and you will feel the significant results after using it.

Clean Cache, Uninstall Apps and clear Storage

One of these working methods is just clean the storage of your device. Yes, if you have less storage in your device then PUBG Mobile Lite will not run properly this is why I suggest you clean up your device.

You can do this by Uninstalling Apps from your device, uninstall those apps which are not of your daily use and make sure it is of high storage. This is how you can run your game without any problem.

Clean Cache, this is another different way to clean the storage of your device. Some of your apps might contain really good amount of cache in it, apps like Youtube, Tiktok might have a large amount of cache, go to settings>App Manager>Select an App>Clear Cache.

Clear Storage, You can clear your phone storage with deleting some of your watched movies, or videos may be some unused documents or anything else.

Trash deleting apps, there are many apps available for Android which will find the trash of your phone and delete them, such apps like CCleaner and much more delete trash.

GFX Tool

If your Mobile phone has less memory or storage in it then you should go with GFX tool only. This is second party apps which are used to boost up your Game performance. This will increase the performance of your game like anything. You will find significant changes after using this method.

Just Install the GFX tool from Google Play store and then Do these settings as shown below:

GFX tool settings

I’ve used this method and whenever you play this game with the GFX tool you will discover that you’re now kind of pro player of PUBG Mobile Lite.

Stable Connection

The main reason why people with good RAM and Android devices also face the same problem is that their Internet Connection is very poor. If you’re using Wifi Connection then I don’t think you might face any problem but if you’re using Internet Connection then it could be a worry for you.

What you can do is change settings to don’t auto-update and restrict background data usage for many apps this is who you can get a stable connection in PUBG MOBILE Lite to fix the lag problem.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Fix Lag settings in the Game

If you have a good Android device and good RAM More than 2 GB then you don’t need to use GFX if you face lag on PUBG Mobile Lite. You can fix this problem by just doing some settings in the game only. These settings includes like this:

  • Graphics: Smooth
  • Frame Rate: High if possible Ultra
  • Style: No Style or Classic
  • Auto Adjust: Disable

Reboot your Device

I know this might sound stupid but yes, just rebooting your device once will give you significant changes on the Game Performance. I’ve done this way personally many times and you know what, the game runs well without any lag.

Re-install the Game

Sometimes your game can have any file problem and get glitches and lag. In that case you just need to Uninstall the game and then install again from Google Play Store and then you won’t face any lag problem on PUBG Mobile Lite.

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