5 Best Controllers/Triggers Switches for PUBG Mobile Under Rs 500

5 Best Controllers/Triggers Switches for PUBG Mobile Under Rs 500

PUBG Mobile is becoming quite popular these days and as you know that there are millions of players playing all over the world so, it becomes difficult to win each and every match in the game. So, People always look for some easy way to win the game and be pro in the game.

There are many ways by which you can become pro but the easiest and simplest way is using controllers or Trigger Switches in the game. Controllers and trigger switches are the best ways to win every match and you can play like a pro. Another benefit of these is you don’t feel uncomfortable after playing the game for a long period.

But one thing on which I want to be clear on is that I have never used controllers or triggers but my friend does. There is no harm in using these but the thing is you should choose the right and best controller for your Mobile and it must be in the cheapest rate possible.

Before we jump into the best controllers and triggers for you, first, we need to know what is the main difference between both controllers and trigger switches.

Difference between Controllers and Trigger Switches for PUBG Mobile

Well, there is huge difference between both controllers and trigger switches, especially for PUBG Mobile you shouldn’t consider both of them as same.

Controllers take whole controls of the game within its remote, it gives a clear signal to PUBG Mobile that controls have been switched from display controllers to physical controllers. And one thing which you might don’t know about this is that this is not good for you.

Yes, you can also get ban if you do this, as PUBG Mobile considers it the wrong way to become a pro player in the game. They do know that controls make the game very easy and simple so this is why they don’t consider using a controller and even I don’t suggest you use a controller. But yes, you can use the controller in triggers shape.

Triggers Switches in the shape of Controllers is a good idea for PUBG Mobile that one should definitely have, and in this way, you get 100% guarantee of not getting ban and can use this method legally anyway. And even you can’t directly use controllers in PUBG Mobile, the only way to use them is by rooting device and then use.

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Best Controllers/Trigger Switches for PUBG Mobile

1. Lionix Gamepad SR-TRIGGER

Lionix Gamepad SR-TRIGGER

Without any second doubt, I chose the best Controller Trigger Switches for my PUBG Mobile is this one. My friend personally bought this trigger after he done with his previous trigger and he is now really satisfied this trigger.

It has 4 in 1 design, with Triggers on the top and really easy to handle design can handle the phone easily and also Heat dissipation Auxiliary keys.  You can use your all four fingers without any problem and you and can do all things like swimming, faster step, better gaming experience and more.

Not only this game but these triggers can be used for many other games like fortnite and call of duty mobile and much other shooting or battle royal games.

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2. COOBILE Mobile Game Controller for PUBG Mobile

2. COOBILE Mobile Game Controller for PUBG Mobile

After researching a lot of different trigger switches and asking my friend’s suggestion I found this one would be best for you. It cost you around $9 but the best part is that it is really simple and easy to use trigger which feels like you’re using a controller.

I have a 3 in 1 game controller: combine gamepads, game triggers, and also mobile phone holders in it. Don’t worry whichever Phone you have it supports almost all the devices. With Comfortable Handle, alloy triggers, you can become pro player as it will become easy to fire while moving and give you better gaming experience.

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3. HBNS AK66 Six Finger All-in-One Mobile Game Controller Fire Key Button for PUBG

3. HBNS AK66 Six Finger All-in-One Mobile Game Controller Fire Key Button for PUBG

If you’re 6 fingers player then you can use this controller give you six in one feature very awesome and simple to use triggers on it. It is specially designed for PUBG Mobile and you won’t feel that the controller is covering the majority of part of Display.

You can turn the lever to 90 degrees without blocking the display, It has features like physical pressing, sensitive without delay. What I like the most about this is that switches are really comfortable. You will feel like firing again and again.

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4. Gamers Yard 1 Pair Sensitive Game Triggers for PUBG/Knives Out/Rules of Survival L1R1 Game

Gamers Yard 1 Pair Sensitive Game Triggers

This is Gamers Yard 1 and this controller is personally I have, I don’t use trigger but I have this one. The best thing is that it will cost you around Rs 99 only. The cheapest Controller, trigger you can have.

These controllers have High sensitivity, no power supply need and you don’t even need drivers fro this. After using these triggers you will feel next level improvement in game, You can use these triggers for PUBG, Knives, out, Fortnite, Survivor Royal and many other games.

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If you have a good budget and you need something good, then you should definitely try out these triggers.  If you’re iPhone user want some triggers for iOS then you should get these triggers for sure. Thee are long-lasting triggers and I am sure you should get these triggers.

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