How many Clans are there in Clash of Clans?

How many Clans are there in Clash of Clans?

If you are a regular player of Clash of clans then you might also have question that how many clans are there in Clash of Clans, how many daily new are created and many other questions like this.

Do you know what was happened in 2012 in the Mobile gaming industry, That game was launched which completely changed the next few years of teenagers and gamers, the game which was a curse to other mobile games as competition and king of strategy games in the Industry.

That was just any kind of intro I wanted to share!

But moving to the main part I am playing Clash of Clans Since 2013 and one thing which I can assure about how many clans are there in Clash of Clans is many. just kidding, I also wonder this question and looking for the answer to this question, this is why as usual, I contacted them on their forums, I contacted the on their site, and some coc experts and many other.

I’ve done this not only for you but to me also, I have this curiosity that actually how many clans there are really in the game. After 43 hours of research, haha again just kidding, I found actual kind of official answer to this question.

Before we jump straight into the answer we need to have answers to some questions first, and here are these questions.

Answers to these Questions First

How many Players do Clash of Clans Have? (P)

coc active players

Report of highest active players per month was 29 Million that was in 2015, I know its time of 2020 and now the number of active players is decreased. You should also consider here I am talking about Active players, not total registered players, and 2019 report says there were only 9 Million Active users on end months of 2019.

Yeah, I know the number of users has been decreasing of the game but it happens, before was the time of Subway surfers, then COC and now PUBG Mobile, this sequence continues but we are not here to discuss that, are we?

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This is why we will consider that says the game has 9 Million active monthly users this year also. Why are we talking about active users, I’ll tell you later but its really important to know active users to know how many clans are there in Clash of Clans.

Number of Active Monthly Users: 9 Million

Number of Active Player above crystal League(C)

coc active players

Now, we have completed a number of Active Monthly player but we need to get those who actively run their clan not them who just shift from one cal to another or even no clan and no clan matches.

We all know that to get to the Crystal League players need actively contribute to clan wars and win them and this is how we can get a number of clans and this is another factor we need to consider.

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We don’t know that but the fact says that average 7 or 8 out of 10 players are in crystal league and most of them get that, and as there are many players who just skip the game for some time, this is why we will consider not 4.5 but around 7-8 Million players on crystal League.

Number of Active Players on Crystal League: 7 Million

How many Troops(T) and Spells(S) Donated Every Month?

Troops and Spells Donation gives direct relation with Clan battles and more this is why is another factor considered here. But getting a record of that is kind of impossible and here we need to make some assumption according to facts.

A Typical Clan match 10 vs 10 have average of 7 Donations with 6 troops and 2 spell donations and if we have active 7 million active clan players that means calculation will go like this:

Troops: 7*6*15(as 2 days of one clan war) = 630 Million

But we know that no clan go with clan war full month and this is kind of rough estimate this is why we take only 500 as an assumption

Spells: 2*6*15: 180 Million spells Donated each month, but we will consider 150 only.

How many Clans are there in Clash of Clans?

As we have figures now, let’s disclose the formula here, I found from one site the formula to calculate the number of clans is here:

Total Clans = ( (Troops Donated+Spells Donated/50)*Number of Players) / (50 * Number of players on crystal League)

Total Cans = (P*T*S)/ 50*C = (9*(500+150/50))/(50*7) figure in Millions

We got here 334K Active Clans are there in Clash of Clans.

I don’t know whether its accurate figure or not but As per my conclusion there are as many clans in the game and I am saying that much is active clans in a month. There might be millions of many other clans but they are not active, 334K is active clans in a month in clash of clans.

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