Candy Crush Soda Saga vs Candy Crush Saga, Which is Better?

Candy Crush Soda Saga vs Candy Crush Saga, Which is Better?

Candy Crush Saga is quite a popular game among all and after the huge success of first part, developers decided to publish the second part or kind of second part of Candy Crush Saga that is Candy Crush Soda Saga. But that game doesn’t seem like the second part its more like just another complete copy of the first part.

There are many people who keep on asking me what is the main difference between both them and I tell them literally there is no difference in short but still there is the difference and that’s why I am here.

You might ask that which game is better and I know one can not play both at one time at least I can’t so, which game should you have on your Mobile device.

Just like any other puzzle game you just need to switch and match the candies and continue the level as more as you can. This is a normal Gamestyle of these both games and you will get a reward system and level system in both of these games that you shouldn’t worry about.

The similarity between Both of these Games

Before we discuss differences among these both Games, first there are some big similarities that people have doubt, and I want to clear these first.

  • Both games are developed by the same developer that is King Games. and both support a similar game style and gameplay.
  • Both Games have almost the same kind of boosters and the same power-ups and you will get to use them in the same way in both games.
  • The number of Levels is the same in both games and the main objective of the game remains the same.
  • Graphics, sound, and Gameplay remain the same you will get the same sound, music, and tunes, and other crushing sounds the same.

Candy Crush Soda Saga vs Candy Crush Saga

candy crush soda vs saga

Now, let’s talk about some differences in both of these games which makes both different entities.

  • Candy Crush Saga with crush 3 candies and if you crush 4 you will get a toffee but in Soda, if you crush 4 candies you won’t get anything.
  • In Candy Crush Saga you will get vertical arrangement of stages and in Candy Crush Soda you will get a horizontal arrangement of stages and complete levels and grow further in levels.
  • Completing levels in Candy Crush Saga is quite difficult than completing levels in Soda. But if you’re good at gaming especially games like these puzzle games then you don’t need to worry about this.
  • Candy Crush Saga Soda will test your skill with a different kind of puzzle levels and more you complete them more difficult the gonna become
  • Candy Crush Saga Soda will also give you more booster and power-ups, however, they are the same but the amount is more than Saga.
  • If you play candy crush saga and Soda you will get square matching you will also get a booster for that.

Which is better and which you should play?

If you’re new into the puzzle games, especially King Games then you should use Candy Crush Saga then the main reason for this is just because the Saga is really easy to play and you can get to know about the King’s puzzle Games.

Another reason for choose Candy Crush Saga is that is is really easy to play, you don’t need any technical knowledge to play this game, however, you might need the practice to play the game. And even Candy Crush Saga is a most playable game and most downloaded game on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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Why you should Choose Candy Crush Soda Saga?

candy crush game

Candy Crush Soda Saga is another game that you should play but the main reason here is only if you’re a pro player. If you have played Candy Crush Saga already, then you can download Soda on your Android.

If you have completed almost all the levels of Saga then the next game would be Soda if you’re looking for more levels and more fun.

Candy Crush Soda Saga will give you a completely different puzzle game with many new levels and they are not gonna as easy as the previous games.

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is there any other King Game?

There are many games of King like Farm Heroes Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Candy Crush Friends Saga, and many other but believe me, there is not game worth playing. The only two games which are good are Candy Crush Soda Saga and Saga.

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