Best Gun Combinations in PUBG Mobile (UMP + S12K)?

Best Gun Combinations in PUBG Mobile (UMP + S12K)?

PUBG Mobile is becoming more and more difficult as it’s becoming more popular. Now, competition is increasing like anything and people have doubts in their mind about whether which Gun Combination would be best for you that could give you the highest amount of kills and damage.

If you also have that doubt in your mind then all you need to do is just keeps on reading this post and you will get your answer.

Weapon Combination is not any fact or something that I can give you once, there are many factors that comes into mind while choosing the best Gun Combinations. Everyone has to be their own different gun Combination and that will be considered as suitable and best.

But Choosing our combos plays an important role, this is why I am here to tell you how should you choose your favorite weapon combination that could let you win every match. Which combos are popular and what all factors come into play for choose your personal best combo.

Which is your Best Gun Combo in PUBG Mobile?

There are many factors for choosing your combos these factors include in what you’re good at, which mode are you playing, and which zone are you in, Recoil Control and many others.

Below are some best and most popular Combos and you can select which could be best for you by reading its suitability.

M416 + Sniper(Kar9-k, M24, AWM)

This is most Popular Gun Combo of PUBG Mobile as the game is all about Assualt and Sniping, this is why M416 is suitable of Close, Medium Combat and Sniper is best for Long Range Combat and the mix of both will give you everything you need to kill all everybody in the match.


  • Overall best Combo
  • Good in TDM Matches
  • Better in all type of Classic Matches
  • Suitable for Recoil Controls
  • Better in Damage and for all situations in the game

AKM + Sniper(Any Sniper Good Option Mini-14, SKS, SLR)

AKM + Kar98 Beast Mode Activate

This Combination is built for Pros, yes, AKM plus any Sniper. If you’re good at recoil Control then AKM Would be best weapon for Close and Medium Combats and I know every pro loves Sniping but here in this scenario Mini, SKS and SLR kind of Snipers are good. I know that would be a little confusing for you but I won’t tell you to much about this, just use it yourself and you will get to know.

However, you can choose other snipers also if you want to. You can even become pro with triggers here in this post.


  • Best for those who can Control Recoil
  • Close and Medium Combats
  • High Damage + Good Sniping
  • Suitable for all types of maps and also TDM

S12K + UMP or UZI

This is another wonderful combination that I personally used many times and got results. If you want to Push Rank and play safe and kind of camper then this is for you. This combination is for those who look for Close combats and do Camping Where S12K is one shot gun kill enemies in one shot and UMP will take care of far away enemies.


  • Best for Campers and who want to Rank Push
  • Best in Close Combats
  • Gives very High Damage but the shot must be accurate
  • Suitable for TDM
  • Suitable for Erangle, Sanhok and Vikendi Only


AKM + Kar98

I know you might think that would be stupid but believe me UZI + UMP is best for Recoil Control and all types of Ranges. Yes, UZI is best in recoil Control and also best in Close and medium Combat and UMP will take care of your far away enemies with less Recoil. Yes, UZI and UMP are the greatest combinations of all times and many people play this combination and win matches.


  • Best for Recoil Control
  • Look for Enemies
  • Suitable for all classic matches but not TDM
  • Gives Less Damage But Accurate Shooting

DP + M16A4

DP 28 + Kar98

Dp is Best Weapon for Long Range, for Recoil Control, for Damage and also for Close and Medium Combat. All-time best weapon DP but the problem only it has its Reload time this is why on the other hand M16A4 has good Reload time and combo of both of them is nothing but beast mode activate.


  • High Damage, Recoil Control
  • Covers all Ranges
  • Support all maps but not TDM
  • Best for the Last Zone

Drop Weapons

If you have Drop Weapons then you might think which should we drop and which should pick-up, then I would say for Drop Weapons I’ve always chosen Groza, AUG, and AWM, I hardly choose any other weapon.

And Groza here simply Mean AKM, AUG means M416 and AWM is good Sniper, just replace it with weapons and Play the game.

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