Top 5 Best Game Boosters for Android (Play Games Lag Free)

Top 5 Best Game Boosters for Android (Play Games Lag Free)

Every Gamer do face this problem, whenever they try to play high graphics game or consumes GPU for long period by playing games they often face a lag problem as the device gets heat up and they need something like a booster which could easily boost your Android phone.

Since back these years gaming industry has changed very much and mostly PC Gamers has shifted from PC to Android, now, in most Asian Countries there are many people who play games on their Android device. But Android Games are not capable of running some high-end games for a longer period and this is why users always face the lag issues.

If you’re one of them who do face lag problems on their Android device then here comes the role of boosters which are kind of life savior for you. They give features like Kill all the process, restrict background usage, and clean up trash, this is why Boosters do actually boost your device. But not all of them, there are many boosters which are nothing but just a fraud.

This is why today, I am here to give you the top 5 best game boosters which will actually boost your game and increase the performance, FPS and fix Lag and Hang in the Game.

Top 5 Best Game Boosters For Android Device

1. Game Booster | Play Games Faster & Smoother

Game Booster | Play Games Faster & Smoother

This is my personal favorite and believe me after I placed first position and after that, I searched other of my blog competition I found all of them have placed this booster at first. And then I get to know not only me but all of them believe that this booster is best among all and you should definitely download this.

  • It will show up all the games listed in the main menu when you open the game and also give you the temperature of your device.
  • You can Boost any App by just clicking twice on that app and you will see a significant difference in your Gameplay.
  • It will optimize your GPU, CPU, RAM, clear cache, clear trash and increase FPS and cool your device if heat up.
  • You Don’t have to Root your Device or anything stupid, just install it from Google Play Store, but if you want to unlock some advance features then you can Root your Device

2. Game Booster – One Tap Advanced Speed Booster

This game booster is best if you’re facing lag issues in Games then this game booster will give you features of fixing lag issues. It will give you everything just like any typical Game Booster should give like CPU optimization, GPU Optimization and RAM, FPS Increase, change resolution and many other things.

What I like the most about this Booster is that it’s really easy to simple to use, just open the game and choose the app which you want to boost and then click on Boost or Launch Option. I’ve seen when I use this app all the other apps running in the background automatically get killed before I do anything.

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After using this app for a long period I found that it doesn’t cool up your device, I don’t know why But temperature increases, however, temperature increase way less than normal gameplay but it increases.

3. Speed Booster & Super Cleaner

Speed Booster & Super Cleaner

If you’re looking for something like a booster with cleaner also then there is the best app for you Speed Booster with Super cleaner not only fix a lag issue in the game but also clear junk memory in the phone storage.

This game booster not only Optimize CPU, GPU, RAM but also give you data saving option and other features like clear game cache and also junk files.

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This app will also suggest you some unwanted apps which you can uninstall directly from the app manager in the menu.

CCleaner is one of the most popular Cleaners for PC but for Android devices this app is a little bit different, it will not only clean but also boost games. I’ve been using this app for long period and never faced any problem, however on all other apps I faced problems.

But the main reason why I don’t use this is that Booster and GPU optimization is not as good as other Boosters.

5. AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner, Memory & RAM Booster

AVG Cleaner is another Junk Cleaner app that is built for Deleting junk files and trash memory but one another thing where it is good at is RAM Booster and it will Boost your RAM and Games too.
The main reason why I am suggesting these last two boosters is that they are branded and you can have always trustworthiness with the bigger brands.

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